One year of blogging at Plant Scientist

Today is the first Birthday of Plant Scientist Blog. Hooray! When I started blogging my biggest worry was that after a few weeks I might run out of ideas and stop, so I’m pretty chuffed to have reached the one year milestone. I would like to thank all my readers and my guest bloggers. Special thanks to Anne Osterreider, who ran the Blogging Workshop that finally got me started after a few years of thinking about it.

Over the next year I’m planning to continue writing regularly about plants, microbes, science communication and my experiences in science. Now that I have finished my PhD, my life is currently in a transition phase so keep reading to find out what I land up doing next – I’m still unsure!  I’m always happy to receive guest posts so please get in touch if you would like to write for Plant Scientist.

Top 3 most visited posts:

  1. Pollen tubes: getting the sperm to the egg
  2. Mimosa pudica: a fast moving plant
  3. “Watch out mate, aphids are about!” Plant-to-plant communication via mycorrhizal fungi

I blog about things I find interesting and (quite by accident) I’ve noticed a few themes developing:

The not-so-famous species behind well-known food and drinks

Life as a researcher

Plant-microbe interactions (my research area, can you tell?)

 Plants and the environment


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