Book Review: The End of Plagues – John Rhodes

I originally posted this review in the summer on the Book Reviews page but I am reposting it now as I think it–or one of the other books I have read recently–would make a good Christmas present.

end-plagues-global-battle-against-infectious-disease-john-rhodes-hardcover-cover-artIn The End of Plagues, John Rhodes guides the reader through the history of fighting infectious diseases. Much of the book focusses on story of Edward Jenner who developed the first vaccine to immunise people against smallpox in 1796. The global fight against smallpox to its eradication in the 1970’s is a fascinating tale played out over several hundred years with many impressive feats. John Rhodes telling of the story introduces the reader to the people involved and provides biological explanations along the way. The book also covers the successes, difficulties and controversies in producing vaccines for other infectious diseases including polio, tuberculosis, whooping cough and flu.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the history of medicine. For a more in depth review follow this link.

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